Kasai Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Kasai Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Our culture

We emphasize a proper work-life balance that allows all personnel to enjoy fulfillment both at work and in their private lives.

We rate highly those employees who think seriously about their futures, and we have systems in place to help their self-growth.

Main benefits

  • Commuting stipend
  • Family stipend
  • Full social insurance (health insurance, pension, employment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance)
  • Retirement/severance system
  • Paid leave (statutory paid leave)
  • Bereavement and celebratory leave
  • Childcare and nursing leave
  • Property accumulation savings
A view of the workplace

Childcare and nursing leave

Our childcare and nursing leave system (applicable until the child turns one year old) allows employees to raise their children with peace of mind.

We also have a family nursing leave system that allows for taking up to three months of leave.

Fully-equipped employee dormitory

We maintain a fully-equipped employee dormitory, allowing those relocating from other regions to secure a residence.

Training and education

An in-house workshop (1) An in-house workshop (2) An in-house workshop (3) An in-house workshop (4)

We are striving to create a group of self-motivated employees who continue learning, and to that end, we host monthly workshops with instructors from a range of fields.

We also have various systems in place to promote individual growth and daily skill improvement.

Kasai Seiki Mfg. Co., Ltd. statistics

  • Ratio of new graduates to mid-career hires

    Graph of ratio of new graduates to mid-career hires
    New graduate
    Mid-career hire
  • Ratio of male/female employees

    Graph of ratio of male/female employees
  • Average age

    39years old

  • Employees

    Full-time employees
    Part-time staff
  • Place of birth

    Hometown map
    Within Suwa
    Number from Suwa-gun
    Outside of Suwa

Full-time foreign employees

We have welcomed many foreign staff (overseas technicians and graduates of vocational schools) to join us as full-time employees, such as those from Vietnam and China.

We hire people not based on their ethnicity, but their motivation, experience, and skill. There are people hailing from many countries already hard at work at our firm, so you are welcome to join with peace of mind that you will be supported.

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A view of the event (1) A view of the event (2) A view of the event (3) A view of the event (4)
We host opportunities for employees to mingle and get to know each other, such as a barbecue event in summer and a year-end party.
A clean and safe factory
Dust and debris collection equipment is installed to collect particulate matter and prevent machine oils from contaminating the work environment.

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